Friday, August 11, 2017

Exciting Classic D&D News!

Hi gamers!

I know I promised a look at the Known World setting this time, but there's big news in the Old School D&D community that I'm proud to report on for you!

Many of us Basic D&D fans were sad to find out at the end of episode 138, DMs Glen, James and Erik were stepping down as hosts and the Save or Die podcast was hovering at death's door. We wish the former hosts well, but would miss new episodes of the standard bearer podcast for Classic D&D fans.

But then DM Vince, overlord of Wild Games Productions, the parent organization of SoD and other old school gaming podcasts appeared with teasers about new hosts and a successful save vs. death for the show! I honestly expected to have to wait a while to see what would become of the beloved podcast.

The wait is over, the hosts of the Basic and Expert era podcasts have moved on, but the companions DM Chrispy and DM Carl have mastered the game and arrive today with the Save or Die Immortal edition. What is dead may never die!

DM Chrispy is no stranger to long time SoD listeners, being a veteran cohost from the show's Basic era with DM Mike and DM Liz. DM Carl is new to the show, but brings a fresh love of the game to the table that any old school D&D or OSR fan can appreciate.

The first episode of the new edition of the podcast drops today over at  with a fun and interesting topic, Clerics! This continues the Class Acts, topic series started by the previous hosts, but if you ask me, Chrispy and Carl bring the feature to a whole new level, delving deep into the history and origins of the class in Original 1974 D&D and pondering the literary and gaming roots of the idea of a holy warrior undead hunter.

The discussion is an hour and a half of thought provoking discussion, touching on the classes evolution with the different versions of the game, differences between Clerics and holy fighters like paladins, spell options and utility, weapon selections and much more.

I love how the hosts explore the topic and options without being obviously biased toward any particular version or option, and I found myself agreeing with some of the topic tangent talk about class archetypes and the seven classes of classic D&D. The whole spectrum of Classic D&D gets covered this episode, from original 1974 3 book D&D to BX, BECMI and Rules Cyclopedia, so whichever one you prefer, you'll find something to relate to.

Click on the links above to visit the Save or Die homepage and get the new episode when it drops today, and say his to DM Chrispy and DM Carl to thank them for making the save!

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